Innovation at it’s best: You can ride a Car-Toon cab if you’re lucky!


The 21st century is an ultimate time where App cabs are all over. We are trapped with technology (both good and bad ways). Well, if you want to take a hatke ride then call Bapi da for his ‘Shobuj Rath’.
The ordinary cab driver who took the city of Kolkata by storm after installing a grass-bed on the roof of his cab, best known as ‘Green Taxi’. Dhananjoy Chakraborty, fondly known as Bapi da has created Headlines quite a few times now. He has a unique way to spread awareness about pollution. Cab driver by profession and environment lover at heart. He is on a mission to return back something to Mother Earth. If you’re lucky then you might this Non-ac car-toon taxi. A retro milk ambassador with a grassy roof and hand painted-cartoon all over. If you take a look at those cartoons and caricatures then you will be quite amazed that those yesteryears toons and they all spread one message- KEEP OUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN. If you are bored out with the black with green strap or White on a black strap then we personally suggest taking this cool cab. The cartoons on eth cartoon taxi have been drawn by the city group ‘CartoonDol Kolkata’. This group is quite famous in Bengal, who try their hands-on innovative cartoon paint over the years. To keep the dying expressive art-form such initiative is taken by the group. With the help of blend razor, different colours, deft brush strokes and with sharp wit, this cab is grabbing attention. From Rabindranath, Satyajit Ray, Sunil Gangopadhyay, football mania or the tussle between Ilish (Hilsa) and Chingri (prawns), a splash of Bengali poems even songs- you name it they have it. All those motifs sit pretty on the interesting exterior of the white ambassador. Bapi da’s cab is colourful and he deserves an applause for that.


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