Ishaa and her ‘food treats’

Ishaa and her 'food treats'

Actress Ishaa Saha is a self-proclaimed foody, who loves Kolkata and enjoys exploring its food.
The love for food started in her college days, she recalled “I used to travel a lot and use to carry my lunch box everywhere. In no time I fell in love with the city food,” she remembered. “Ever since my initial love affair with the city began in north Kolkata, I left no stone unturned to explore the varied tastes from all corners of the city,” she added. The beautiful actress gearing up for a few of her films and she is excited for ‘Golondaaj’ which is expected to be something massive.
From telebhaja at Girish Manch to Paramount Sherbat to Golbari’s Kosha mangsho and Netaji’s peyanji in Hedua, the ‘Guptodhaner Sandhane’ actress had it all.
She even said, “how can anyone skip all these foods. Well, I know being an actress it is extremely important to remain on a particular diet but that doesn’t mean I have to skip these foods. I am a Kolkatan by heart, how can I possibly miss it?”


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