Mamata Banerjee terms union budget of 2022-23 as ‘Pegasus Spin Budget’, opposition echoes the same!


Terming the Union Budget 2022-23 as ‘Pegasus Spin Budget’, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that there is nothing in it (Budget) for the common man. Common man remains in the same condition of unemployment and inflation. Expressing disgust Mamata Banerjee twitted, “BUDGET HAS ZERO FOR COMMON PEOPLE, WHO ARE GETTING CRUSHED BY UNEMPLOYMENT & INFLATION. GOVT IS LOST IN BIG WORDS SIGNIFYING NOTHING – A PEGASUS SPIN BUDGET.”

Following through Mamta Banerjee’s words, Amit Mitra, Principal Chief Advisor said, “Nothing has been done to address the core problems of the country like unemployment and inflation. The directionless Budget will only serve one or two people of the country. It is either bluff or there was a lack of understanding of the economic situation. The government is only tinkering with the old policies.”

Soon after the shortest budget in the recent times Nirmala sitaraman presented, opposition leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, and Mamata Banerjee, criticised the government’s allocations. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “M0di G0vernment’s Zer0 Sum Budget! Nothing for – Salaried class – Middle class – The poor and deprived – Youth – Farmers – MSMEs”


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