Rejected by IIT due to disability, got chance in MIT sets an example by cracking a package of 50 crores!


There are many people around us who are born with disabilities. One of them is Srikanth Bolla. He was born in Sitarampuram, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. His parents were farmers by profession. Agriculture was their only source of income. Raising such a disabled child in a world of scarcity is really a struggle.

At that time many of them gave many suggestions to drop out that disabled boy. However, they decided to raise their son as their own without listening to anyone. Growing up, Srikanth proved that his parents’ decision was not wrong. Srikanth was good at studying from a young age. The son of this peasant family had great results in 10th boards.

Srikanth then wanted to study science for 10+2, but was turned down for his disability. But he went to court against it at that time. The court also agreed. But the court said he would study at his own risk. The school authorities will not be held responsible for any harm caused to him by studying science. Srikanth studied with all the conditions.

He later got the opportunity to study at Srikant Bolla Indian Institute of Technology. But due to his physical disability, he was rejected by the institute. However, this incident could not keep him down. He later became the first international blind student to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. After graduation, he worked in the corporate world in the United States for several years. You know salary package of Srikanth ? 50 crores per annum!


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