Siddhartha finally realized his mistake!!


Once again, the ‘sweet’ smile is on the face of Modak family.

Samaresh is not the biological father of Som, so far this curtain has been removed in front of Siddhartha and the whole Modak family.

The death of Mithai’s mother, the trail of Sweet Hub, the entry of Omi Agarwal, in the midst of all this, many thought that the mystery of Som’s fatherhood might have been obscured but it did not happen at all.

Mithai proved that his father-in-law was absolutely innocent. Instead of a DNA report, false accusations were leveled at Barababu. Samresh is not Som’s birth father at all.

By bringing this truth in front of everyone, not only to save the father-in-law from the extreme humiliation, but also to bring back the respect and esteem to the father in Siddhartha’s eyes Sweetness.

Dadai, Siddhartha says in front of PCMoni, Tridibesh is giving money to Jayita when he sees Mithai on the street yesterday.

After that, at the insistence of Tufan Mail, Sritama, Ratul and Rudra-Bashundhara all appeared in the medical lab.

Siddhartha says to Dadai, ‘We went to Pathlab and saw that the DNA of this grandfather did not match with Somda. We’ve been misunderstanding your son for so long. “

Once again, Mithai proved by her own merits why she is a worthy aunt of Modak Bari. Although Siddhartha could not be the ideal son of Samaresh.


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