Bappi Lahiri: Bappi Bari Ja … The workers chanted slogans at that time, looking at the ‘history of war’, Kalyan said.


By a staff reporter : The one who sets the tune also fights in the polls. For example, in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, artist Bappi Lahiri contested as a BJP candidate in the Srirampur constituency of Hooghly. Trinamool’s Kalyan Bandyopadhyay won the election battle against him.

Kalyan was hurt by Bappi’s death on Wednesday. In his words, “Bappi Lahiri is a famous singer and composer. I always respected and loved him. Coincidentally, he became a candidate against me in 2014. That is another matter. But beyond that he had huge popularity. He was known to the whole world as the jewel of the country. I have not met him since 2014. I would say something when I met him. I wish him peace of mind. “

Kalyan is once again pulling the ‘war history’ of the Srirampur Lok Sabha constituency that happened eight years ago.In the words of the Trinamool MP, “I also said many of his songs during the selection. When the media asked me, ‘Bapi Lahiri is a candidate against you, what is your reaction?’ Then I replied with his song, ‘Bombay se aya mera dost, dost ko salam karo. Eat and drink during the day and rest at night.

‘ I also remember the day of submission of nomination papers. He was returning after submitting nomination papers and I was entering to submit. At that time BJP workers chanted slogans. Our workers also chanted ‘Bapi Bari Ja’. The book ‘Bapi Bari Ya’ written about Sourav Ganguly. We gave the slogan from the source of that book. He later lamented it in many places. I said, ‘There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a joke. ‘


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