Marriage is about to dissolve, Jitu-Navaneeta on the verge of divorce, rumors in Tollywood!


By a staff reporter : February is the month of love. It’s like a season of love all over the city. And in this week of love, the loud buzz of separation is in Tollywood. Everybody’s eye is on the news one after the other on social media. Everything from the break up of a relationship to divorce is a watershed.

Jitu-Navaneeta’s separation is going to happen very soon. Even before this, in 2021, several tolly stars have separated. Such as Nusrat Jahan-Nikhil Jain, Sravanti Chattopadhyay-Roshan Singh, Indranil-Barkha, Deblina-Tathagata, Anupam-Piya etc. Earlier, the news of their divorce was spread in Tollywood more than once.

However, they shared a picture of themselves saying that it was just a rumor. However, this time the news of Jitu Navneeta’s divorce is not true or false, that is what we will see now. Social media is abuzz with this news. Recently Jitu will be seen in Anik Dutta’s upcoming movie “Aparajito”, where as Navaneeta is busy with daily soap “Mahapith Tarapith”.


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