Don’t utter a word about Mamata Banerjee, Madan Mitra warns Shuvendu


By a staff reporter : This time Madan Mitra scold Shuvendu Adhikari after listening to his warning. In this controversy, noise again in the politics of Bengal.

On this day, Madan Mitra fired a cannon at Kamarhati centering on the propaganda of Shuvendu. Mamata Banerjee can be heard warning her that if she makes any remarks about her, the result will not be good. On the same day, Madan Mitra said, “Shuvendu Adhikari is not able to control his own area and he is going to Bhabanipur and making scathing remarks about Mamata Banerjee.” He survived in Bhabanipur that day. Rotate carefully. In case of any major incident in Bhabanipur, the responsibility will fall on BJP.

He warned Shuvendu, “Little brother, don’t make harsh remarks about Mamata Banerjee. Because Mamata Banerjee made you. You fed the grain. Now, if unwanted remarks are made about Mamata and grassroots activists protest, it will not be good.

BJP MP Arjun Singh did not relent in the wake of Madan’s warning. He taunted Madan Mitra and said, ‘Does it make sense to answer Madan’s words? If Shuvendu Adhikari thinks so, he will come to Kamarhati today. If there is power, stop Madan Mitra. I will also be with Shuvendu Adhikari. Let’s see how he stopped. Trinamool Madan Mitra will decide where to go or not to go? With people like Madan Mitra, the Trinamool Congress is creating an atmosphere of fear. He added, ‘Madan told me to cut my wrist. That wrist is still in use. Nothing happened. All that nonsense. ‘


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