In spite of being from the opposing camps, Jun Malia and Dilip Ghosh shows dignity to each other


Political differences are trivial. MP Dilip Ghosh and MLA Jun Malia have shown an example of courtesy in the inauguration of the railway project. They were seen on the same stage at the inauguration of aFootover Bridge in Medinipur. Togetherthey inaugurated the project on Sunday morning by cutting the ribbon and lighting the lamp.

Dilip Ghosh and MLA June Malia were invited as local MPs in the inauguration event. MP is a member of BJP. However, MLA is a worker of TMC.So there is a major political differences between two. Despite this, Dilip Ghosh and June Malia were seen on the same stage in the railway program. Before coming on the stage, supporters of both the parties called their political slogans. Slogans like ‘Joy Bangla’ and ‘Joy Sriram’ were heard. Among those political slogans they inaugurated it by lighting a lamp and cutting the ribbon.

Speaking on the occasion, Trinamool MLA Jun Malia said, “I will take care that development is not hampered. Politics should not be done in the field of development of the country. That’s why I have come to the same stage with the MPs without hesitating about their parties. ” About the political slogan at the railway event she told, “I don’t pay much attention to them.”

However, BJP MP Dilip Ghosh has poked the state government from that platform. He said, “Local MLAs and MPs are invited to the central government function no matter which party they belong to. The state government should try to learn this. Though the government here or the party does not want to learn that. “


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