Temperature is raising ahead of the season, know how the weather will be coming days


April is yet to come. In the meantime, weather has already become pretty hot in Bengal (West Bengal Weather). But will there be rain to give some relief ? But currently there is no such hope in Kolkata. Although it has been cloudy since morning, there is still no chance of rain. The weather office says the temperature in Kolkata will rise sharply. However, light to moderate rainfall is possible in the districts of North Bengal.

“The temperature in Kolkata will rise further”, said GK Das, an officer of weather office. According to him, the temperature will rise further in the next two or three days in Kolkata. To be more precise it will increase from one to two degrees. There is no chance of rain right now says the weather office.

According to the Alipore weather office, there is no possibility of rain in the state at present. The temperature in Kolkata can fluctuate between 37 and 38 degree Celsius. The relative humidity will also increase. The maximum temperature in Kolkata on Wednesday may be 37 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is around 25 degrees. Relative humidity will be 93 percent.

The temperature will remain the same for next 4-5 days. There is no chance of rain at the moment. There is no possibility of rain in any district of South Bengal. The weather will be mostly dry.

The feeling of cold morning will be no longer. In the next four to five days, the temperature may rise to 4 degrees Celsius. Temperatures will rise slightly in the districts. During the next four or five days, the daytime heat will increase.


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