Conspiracy to defame the government, Mamata seals ‘conspiracy’ theory


Mamata Banerjee gave the ‘seal’ on the ‘conspiracy’ theory on Rampurhat incident. Though she had not named anyone, she pointed her fingers at opposition parties.

The Chief Minister is going to Rampurhat on Thursday. Earlier on Wednesday, at a government function in Kolkata, she accused, “Petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices have gone up. Now such an incident has been created so that nobody talks about that issue.” However, on the same day in Lok Sabha Trinamool leader Sudip Bandyopadhyay claimed that the incident was the result of a family feud rather than a political feud. On Tuesday, state police DG Manoj Malviya also said that any other type of animosity could be the cause of the incident, but not a political animosity.

CM Mamata Banerjee said, “Those who are not in the government are conspiring to disturb the government so that we are defamed.” She added, “Those who have done such an incident will not get any mercy from law.”

On the other hand, BJP spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya said, “The genocide was organized with the direct cooperation of the police due to some clash between the members of the Trinamool. Now the Chief Minister is making a conspiracy theory to cover up the real facts.”

The Left and BJP leaders who went to the spot have pointed their fingers at the ruling party and the administration. SUC demonstrated their protest outside the assembly.

And refuting the allegations of the opposition, Mamata Banerjee questioned, “We are in the government. Do we want to bomb someone? ” And then she accused the conspiracy, saying, ” You will be the ones to do it, and after that you will either go to court or criticise as much as you can on TV! We are not a conspiratorial party like CPM or BJP.”

The Chief Minister further added, “If an incident occurs, the main thing is whether action is being taken or not. I have called myself fifty times. We have taken action.” She complained,” They are unable to raise a riot. They are not in a position to say people are not able to eat, girls are not able to study, children are not getting mid-day meal, people are not getting medical treatment. So they though it would be easy to ignite a match! “

CPM state secretary Mohammad Selim reached Bogtui village this morning. Opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari went there with the BJP MLAs in the afternoon. Addressing them, the Chief Minister said, “Bengal is not Uttar Pradesh. I am not justifying what happened here. SIT has been made. Where nothing has happened in Hathras, Unnao or Lakhimpur. So many people died in the riots in Delhi, then nothing happened.” Though in those cases they were not allowed to enter those places. However, she is not preventing BJP or any other party from going to Rampurhat. In Mamata’s words, “Our MPs were not allowed to enter Uttar Pradesh but we don’t do it here. Let everyone go. It’s our sympathy, our cooperation. “


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