’I scolded the man even the day before!’ Trina broke down in tears


Four decades long career. However, after being distanced from the big the series ‘Kharakuto’ gained him a new popularity as Gungun’s ‘Daddy’. The sudden death of Abhishek Chatterjee has shattered ‘Gungun’ i.e. actress Trina Saha. Trina has been playing the role of late actor’s daughter on screen for more than two years now. There was no special difference in that relation even on off camera.

With tears in her eyes, Trina told, “Abhishekada was just like my daddy on and off screen both. The day before yesterday, I was scolded him a lot during the shoot because he was not taking care of his body at all. “

The actress said that Abhishek was suffering from stomach problems for several days. There was also a liver problem. Still he was working with all these. In her words, “Abhisheka Da fell ill on the set the day before yesterday. We told him to rest. When Dulal Da (Lahiri) went to fetch him Abhishek Da vomited on him. We make him consult a doctor and after that I sent him home. In this situation, he also has done the shoot even yesterday. I have scolded him even on the phone.”

Abhishek died while shooting a reality show on Wednesday. He was 57 years old at the time of his death. His colleagues are shocked at the sudden departure of the actor.


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