Mamata Banerjee visits Bogtui today, paid condolences and assured of justice


The grocery store opened on Thursday. There are also some vegetables. A few people is around. The whole Bogtui village seems to have become almost depopulated overnight. Currently, any people in the village means a uniformed police or a journalist. At first, the death of Trinamool leader Bhadu Sheikh shocked the whole village. And after that one after another house was set into fire. Death, panic, are the only thing in the village air.

Most of the villagers had gone elsewhere. Many are slowly returning now. The big grocery store of the village has also opened. There are some stale vegetable in the store. But there is no buyer. In fact, Bogtui is still far from its regular rhythm. It seemed that Mamata Banerjee wanted to touch all the lost sufferings of the people of the village. She also listened to the villagers and then she said, “Your people has died, and my heart is crushed.” She also agreed with the villagers bout the negligence of police.

CPM state secretary Mohammad Selim visited the village on Wednesday. The BJP MLA party led by Shuvendu Adhikari came. Even then the village was almost empty. However, before the Chief Minister reached the village on Thursday, many of the men and women who had lost their homes and lost their family returned to Bogtui.

There were tears in the eyes of those scattered people. Some of them were crying cotinuously. Will the tears be completely wiped away by the assurance of the Chief Minister? Even in the midst of such questions, it is true that Mamata gained the confidence in the villagers to stay in their own village even after losing everything.

Standing in Bogtui on Thursday afternoon, Mamata instructed the police to increase security in the village. The people of the neighborhood will stay in the neighborhood. From the very beginning, the victims were accusing the local Trinamool Block president Anarul Hossain. Mamata told him to surrender quickly.

She also instructed the police to “Arrest Anarul immediately if he does not surrender. The case should be framed in such a way that the culprits do not get away by any means.” She added, “The punishment should be such that no one else commits such crime ever again.” At the same time, the Chief Minister said that she thinks that there can be a big conspiracy behind this incident.


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