Fear of encounter! 50 criminals surrendered as soon as Yogi returned to power


Yogi Adityanath has come to power for the second time on March 10. Only two weeks have passed since then. According to a report in the Times of India, in this very short time period at least 50 criminals across Uttar Pradesh have surrendered to police.

According to sources, the criminals are surrendering in fear getting killed in encounter. During the first Yogi government police have been accused several times for killing criminals and notorious mafias in multiple encounters across whole Uttar Pradesh. Even some criminals who were in police custody have been killed in encounter.

Many criminals have surrendered to the police with placards around their necks. It was written on the placards that, “I’m surrendering, please do not encounter me.” Many of those who are surrendering are notorious criminals and the police have been searching for them for a long time.

Uttar Pradesh ADG Prashant Kumar claimed that the 50 convicts had not only surrendered but also promised not to commit any more crimes. He said that since March 10, two criminals have been killed in encounters and ten more people have been arrested.


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