’I am missing Saba’, accepts Hrithik


No more secrecy, Bollywood’s handsome Hank Hrithik Roshan is openly accepting that he has fallen in love with Saba Azad. Saba has gone to a concert in Pune so he is missing her badly. The actor also said so on Instagram story.

A few days ago Hrithik went on a dinner date with Saba. As soon as he left the restaurant the actor fell into the clutches of the paparazzi. That picture went viral overnight. Ever since then, rumors of Hrithik and Saba’s love have been circulating. Hrithik and Saba themselves added more speculation to this. In a photo spread on social media, Saba is seen having a lunch with Roshan’s family. Netizens also have noticed that Hrithik comments on every post of Saba.

This time Saba has taken place in Hrithik’s Instagram story. Saba went to Pune for a concert. Sharing her photo Hrithik wrote, “Oh, if I was there. Make it crazy insanely amazing woman. ” Next to this writing Hrithik has used love emoji.

Hrithik divorced with Sujan Khan in 2014. Hrithik has been completely unaccompanied since then. He spent most of his time with his two sons. But now everything has changed. Hrithik met with Saba on Twitter. After that, the two have been secretly dating each other for three months.


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