Rising speculation on Swastha Sathi makes people suffer


On the one hand some of the new rules introduced in the Swastha Sathi project. On the other hand, the Swastha Sathi project’s money is in debt for about three months now. Under this pressure, various private hospitals in the state are reducing the number of patients admitted under the healthcare project. In fact, those hospitals say they are being forced to reduce patient admissions.

By September 2021, the state government had given up the ‘Unspecified Category’ in the Swastha Sathi project. Most of the patients under the Department of Medicine were treated in this category in the Swastha Sathi project. The government argued that many private hospitals were arbitrarily billing most of the ‘cases’ or patients in this category as they did not specify the rate of expenditure in this category.
But the move has reduced emergency and medicine admissions in private hospital by more than half. The general public is suffering. Despite appearing with Swastha Sathi cards in the hope of reliable and appropriate service of government projects, many are getting hopeless due to reduction in private hospital admissions.

Private hospitals also have to step back in terms of emergency admission, admission of injured in accidents and admission of emergency surgery as the daily expenditure limit on Swastha Sathi card has been fixed to Rs 3,000. Because, the treatment of complex or critical cases in a slightly reputed hospital can not done at three thousand rupees daily.

Above all, the government owes to private hospitals about three months bill (about Rs 200 crore) for Swastha Sathi. In short, most of the reputed private hospitals and nursing homes have said that they have no choice but to reduce the number of patients admitted under Swastha Sathi.


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