Agnimitra explains why BJP is still using Babul’s song


Again Babul Supriya’s song has been used in BJP’s election campaign. This song can be heard in the campaign of Asansol by-election. Even after the change of Babul’s political party, questions have already started to arise as to why Babul’s song was heard in the BJP procession. Asansol’s BJP star candidate and state general secretary Agnimitra Paul has explained why Babul’s songs are still being used.

On Saturday, Agnimitra Paul held a road show from Dhemomen Colliery to Niamatpur. She did a road show in a hooded car. At the beginning and end of the road show, mike was constantly playing Babul Supriya’s song, “Ae Trinamool r na (This Trinamool no more).”

Meanwhile, like Agnimitra Paul, Anubrata Paul has been seen campaigning in Asansol. She spoke out in the election campaign on Saturday. She said, “Anubrat Mandal is a symbol of violence. Wherever he goes, there is a flood of dead bodies. We have heard that he has got the responsibility of Asansol Lok Sabha by-election. So we will complain to the Election Commission that he should be removed from Asansol. We want healthy and peaceful elections.”


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