Firhad blamed Abbas’s followers for not being able to enter Anis’s house


He had to return after not able to enter to Anis Khan’s house. This time, Firhad Hakim blamed Abbas Siddiqui’s followers as the reason for his return. On Friday, Pulak Roy, the panchayat minister along with Firhad, was stopped from entering Anis’s village. According to local sources, the minister of state and the mayor of Kolkata could not enter the house of the slain student leader of Howrah due to the protest of the villagers. On Saturday, in response to a question about that, he expressed his anger. Firhad said, “Some boys were returning from Abbas Siddiqui’s meeting. They were hanging over there. Sometimes I use to watch National Geographic Channel. Dogs or hyenas screams at the roaming tiger most of the time. This does not mean that the tiger is scared. The tiger is not saying anything to them, he is ignoring them. Just like that I was also ignoring them. “

It may be mentioned that Adhir Chowdhury, the President of the stet Congress, went to Anis’s house on Friday morning. Anis’s father Salem Khan also joined the procession called by Adhir. Firhad and Panchayat Minister Pulak Roy was scheduled to meet Anis’ family in the afternoon. That’s why, the two ministers went for Anis’s house. As soon as they tried to enter the village, they faced protests from the villagers. The locals came and stood in front of Firhad’s convoy. They are also heard calling anti-Trinomool slogans. “It’s been 42 days since Anis’s death. What made you rember to come after so many days? We didn’t call you, why did you come?” said one of the protester.

Anis Khan’s father claimed that Firhad, an influential leader of the ruling party, had come to buy me in exchange for a job and money. In response, Firhad said, “No one went to buy anything. And the law does not allow anything to be bought in this way. Those who are legally found guilty will be punished. Law sees, who has done wrong and who has not. Who gave the job and who gave the money is not judged. These are all stories”. He also said ” We did not go to give money or jobs to anyone. If someone dies in an accident, they are compensated by the government for the sake of humanity. Many people know that the government pays compensation in many cases. Standing next to helpless families, they were given government jobs. That too with the decision of the cabinet. “


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