Firhad Hakim warns CBI, do not to follow Delhi or Shuvendu in investigation


The Calcutta High Court on Friday handed over the probe into the Bogtui murder to the CBI. On Saturday, the CBI officials went to the village of Rampurhat and started the investigation. And on the same day, the political debate started over the investigation. Kolkata Mayor Firhad Hakim has warned BJP leaders in response to a question on the CBI probe.

He said, “No one is benefiting from the CBI investigation in Bogtui. Earlier SIT was investigating over the matter. Now CBI is investigating instead. The CBI is taking charge of the investigation from the hands of the SIT. The CBI is taking into custody those who were arrested by the SIT. He added, ” This time, if Delhi leaders or Shuvendu Adhikari abuses CBI’s power against us, we will not remain silent.”

In the same vein, TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh has also attacked the BJP politically by sending a message of cooperation to the CBI investigation. He said “If the CBI investigates, the we will obviously cooperate. When the court orders an investigation, there will be an investigation. But if there is a politically motivated incident in the name of investigation, the Trinamool will respond politically.”

Kunal said, “The CPM and the BJP have become a little more active since the Bogtui incident. “Everyone knows what kind of law and order system they have where they are in power.” He further said. “But no steps should be taken to satisfy political interests.”


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