If you miss the office on the day of strike there will be a pay cut, announcers West Bengal Government


West Bengal state government workers will have to appear in office during the two-day general strike on March 28 and 29 (Monday and Tuesday) called by the central trade unions. The guidelines regarding this has been issued on behalf of Nabanna on Saturday. Like all other times, this time also the state finance department has issued instructions to ensure the attendance of government workers during the strike.

Manoj Panth, principal secretary of the finance ministry, said in a guideline that workers who will be absent during two days of the strike will be given a show cause notice. Failure to respond to the notice will result in disciplinary action. Failure to show proper reason for absence will result in deduction of salary on the day of absence.

In the notice issued by Nabanna clarified that no employee can be absent for those two days except in certain special cases such as hospitalization due to serious illness, death of a family member, illness from before 25th March, maternity leave or childcare leave.


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