Why is Mamata looking for a similarity of Bogtui with Deucha?


On Sunday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee alleged in North Bengal that the Bogtui scandal may have been done to block the proposed coal mine at Deucha-Panchami in Birbhum. Hearing this, the local leaders of the anti-mining movement complained that to involve their protest with such an incident means to ‘insult’ them.

On the same day in Siliguri, the Chief Minister complained to the opposition, “You are doing politics all the time. We want the employment of one lakh children in Birbhum. I want Deucha Panchami, and you are doing Rampurhat so that Deucha Panchami does not happen, so that people do not get jobs. So that there is no industry.”

In response to the remarks of the Chief Minister, Ganesh Kisku, the local leader, who was protesting against the coal mining in Deucha Panchami, questioned, “I am peacefully agitating for protection of land and forest rights and against coal mining. To associate Deucha Panchami with a heinous crime is to insult us.”

On this day the Chief Minister also raised the question regarding the CBI investigation into the Bogtui incident. On this day, she said, “Don’t you have a little faith in the police who are constantly guarding us, working for us?” She added, “Let the CBI do the work, we will cooperate. But if they do not do the real thing and go to do something else, according to the BJP or CPM-Congress, then remember that we will be in the street protest again.”


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