Bogtui is a conspiracy to stop Deucha Panchami, claims Chief Minister Mamata


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that a conspiracy has been hatched in Bogtui to stop the Deucha Panchami coal mine project. Referring to the conspiracy theory on Sunday, Mamata said, “The incident may have taken place in Rampurhat to stop the Deucha-Panchami project. Opposition does not want employment or development in Bengal.”

On Sunday, Mamata once again admitted that the police had mistake in Bogtui. She also claimed that there could be a conspiracy in the Rampurhat incident. During a three-day visit to the hills, she slammed the CPM, the Congress and the BJP over the Bogtui massacre at a government function in Siliguri. “The opposition is doing dead body politics.” she said.

The killing of Trinamool panchayat deputy chief Vadu Sheikh in Rampurhat on Monday night and the subsequent killing of eight people in the subsequent village of Bogtui has sparked outrage across the state. Allegations of negligence of duty have been levelled against the police from the very beginning of the incident. Rampurhat Police Station IC Trideep Pramanik and the city’s SDPO did not do their job properly, the Chief Minister said in a visit to Bogtui on Thursday. On her instructions, the state police suspended IC and SDPO on the same day. But even after that, the opposition is pointing fingers at Mamata. Because, she is the police minister of the state. “Yes, the police had not done their duty properly. Due to that action has been taken against them. “

The Chief Minister also claimed that the Trinamool government is unnecessarily being complained over the Bogtui incident. Regarding this she said, “The incident has happened there. We havn’t done it. Trinamool leader was killed there. Those whose houses were on fire are also belonged to the people of Trinamool. On the other hand, political TVs are abusing the Trinamool. Then understand, they cut our hands and feet and they are again abusing us!”

However, the Chief Minister said that the government has done its job properly in the investigation of the murder. “The government has set up a SIT to start the investigation. OC-SDPO has been suspended. Trinamool Bloc president has been arrested. 22 accused have also been arrested. Not only that, I went there myself. I have helped the helpless as much as I can. I know, money is not an alternative to death. But when someone dies, the family becomes helpless. Who will look after the children? So I have given five lakhs. I asked them what they needed. They said the house needed to be repaired. So according to this at first I asked him to pay one lakh rupees. They said, the money is not enough. So, I paid two lakhs. One woman is admitted to the hospital. I also gave her one lakh. I also paid Rs 50,000 to the rest of the injured.”


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