Democracy Needs (An Analysis)


Two years left before the Lok Sabha elections. Before that, about a dozen states will have assembly elections, and that episode will end in 2024. For now, the Electoral Lamp is going to be slow, which is not entirely unusual. But sometimes the lamp needs to be oiled for the lamp goes out.

In particular, when the opposition is Narendra Modi and the Sangh Parivar, the opposition parties do not have two years to prepare for the elections. So if Mamata Banerjee from West Bengal, Kalwakuntala Chandrasekhar Rao from Telangana, Arvind Kejriwal from Delhi-Punjab and the Grand Old Sharad Pawar from Maharashtra gradually become more vocal and friendly, I think the Indian Democracy will be happy.

Call them and tell them to Walk Fast. 

Under Narendra Modi, there is ample reason to be concerned about the unity or coordination of India’s opposition parties. India has seen in detail how dictators, sometimes oppressors, have established their monopoly power in the name of Democracy and its various forms.

India is also aware that an alliance of opposition political forces is needed to thwart such an attempt to spread authoritarian rule. In various states of India, the BJP’s opposition parties -(or at least outside their own spheres) – are active and successful in some states. But they have not yet met the need to build a united resistance on an all-India basis.

On the one hand, the conflict of interest of different parties, on the other hand, under the pressure of huge personal ambitions, the opposition has broken before the unite. Citizens have not forgotten the history of the alliance-effort, which has been awarded various titles such as the Third Front or the Federal Front.

Now the question is will that Gray past affect the Opposition Alliance politics? 

The question is complicated for many reasons. A big factor is the Indian National Congress.

For almost half a century of independent India, the party that has been the “Normal Ruler” at Delhi but has found it increasingly difficult to retain the seat of “Normal Opposition” since the 2014 catastrophe.
After the recent assembly elections – Doubts about the party’s future have multiplied in five states. If the Gandhi family gives up their hands, a Half-Moon Lunar Eclipse and if they hold hands, a Full-Moon Lunar Eclipse – two fears are strong; It is doubtful whether anyone has faced such a dilemma since the king Ulysses.

But the crisis is not just with Congress. Apart from the BJP, the Indian National Congress is still the only all-India party, and there is no question about its role as an opponent of the BJP. Therefore, if an alliance of the Opposition is formed without Indian National Congress, then its credibility and practicality are bound to be questioned. 

It is also important to reduce the arrogance of the Gandhi family and the party they lead. If the opposition parties can form an opposition alliance with the help of the Congress, then there is a good chance for both.
If such an alliance is possible, there is a possibility for Indian Democracy to Survive.


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