Even 6 years ago, Will had done the same


Not only in 2022, but also in 2016 same incident had happened. Chris Rock joked about Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett at the Oscars. Same people, same event but only one change in this 6 years. Smith slaps Chris this time for not being able to tolerate the joke about his wife. That video has now gone viral on Twitter.

2022, Actor Smith slaps host-comedian Chris on the Oscar stage. Why? Chris joked about his wife Jada Pinkett’s short hair who is actually a alopecia patient. Chris said “I’m looking forward to the sequel to GI Zen. Jada is going to act in it.” In the 1997 film ‘GI Zen’, there was a lot of criticism about the actress having less hair on her head. Chris’s jokes is about that incident. Since then, the whole world has been divided into two. Some are criticizing Smith’s slapping, others are saying, “Smith is standing next to his wife. He has done well. “

2016, Chris Rock was making fun of many people at the Oscar stage. In between, he raises the topic of Will’s wife Zada. “Jada has boycotted the Oscars, so she is not here this time. If I boycott Rihanna’s (American pop singer) undergarments, it sounds like Jeddah’s boycott of the Oscars. Because I am not even invited.” Many inviteds including Priyanka Chopra had laughed on that joke.

“What else can be done. There is so much to hear. You have to listen and move on. Many things are happening in the world. You can’t pay attention to everything.” Zada said after the 2016 incident.


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