Grandparents, mother-son mess, but I want the CBI, how much lower! Cannon Mamta

Grandparents, mother-son mess, but I want the CBI, how much lower! Cannon Mamta

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has opened her mouth about the CBI probe into the Bogtui case. Responding to the opposition’s slander on Sunday, she said, “even if there is a grandfather-grandson mess, I want CBI! How much further will you go down? “

The Trinamool Congress has made it clear that it will protest if the BJP tries to manipulate the investigation in the Bogtui case. Mamata also said that the BJP is playing dirty politics over the Rampurhat incident. And CPM and Congress are joining with them. The Chief Minister alleged that BJP and CBI are working together.

On Sunday, Mamata fired directly at the opposition in Siliguri. “We try our best. Will you complain me if there is a quarrel between the two clubs? We have to see that there is no disturbance in the area.”

The BJP has been demanding a CBI probe into the Bogtui case from the beginning. Mamata also joked about this on Sunday. “They are demanding CBI for anything happened here. How many CBIs have come to Hathras, Unnao in Uttar Pradesh? What has been done in those incidents? A girl was leaving after giving witness in the Unnao incident case. She was burned alive. She was also the daughter of a minority family. So many people died in Delhi! During NRC , NPR so many people died! How many of them have got justice? We were not allowed to enter Hathras-Unnaway. All are going there day and night so that I can’t go there. And just standing in front of the TV. None of them stand by the people. You can never find them beside you in danger. “


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