Hardcore BJP supporters be ready to be shocked! Trinamool MLA’s video ignites controversy


Narendranath Chakraborty, a Trinamool MLA from Pandavaswar, was heard openly threatening BJP workers and supporters. Political tension has started after a video of his speech was released. He allegedly made the threat to BJP workers and supporters at a workers’ meeting in the Laudoha block of the Pandaveswar. Although the video is not verified about its the authenticity.

In the video, the MLA is heard saying, “Those who are hardcore BJP, those who cannot be tilted will have to be shocked. If you go to give your vote, then I will assume you will vote for BJP. Where you live after the vote is up to you. And if you do not go to the polls, I will suppose you are supporting us. You stay well, do your business, get a job, we are with you. Clear! “

Narendranath was contacted after the controversy started regarding the video. He claimed, “The video is very old. I maybe said that in a panchayat vote to motivate the workers. At Pandaveshwar, we, the workers of all the parties, work together. Here the vote happens in peace. There will be peaceful voting.” He further alleged that BJP is circulating this type of video to come in the spotlight.

Regarding the video, BJP leader Jitendra Tiwari said, “He understood one thing. If the people get a chance to vote, then they will surely lose. But it is better not to make such threats.” He further added, “He is a disciple of Anubrat Mandal! Anubrat Mandal may will be in jail in the upcoming days. It will take two or three more people to play ludo with him, then maybe he will be able to give some company to Anubrata.”


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