“I don’t know any Sheikh Lal Sheikh”, Anubrata denies to identify any suspect of Rampurhat massacre


Sheikh Lal Sheikh, a resident of Bogtui village in Rampurhat, Birbhum, was raged after the death of his wife Nazma Bibi. The murdered Trinamool leader Vadu Sheikh, arrested Trinamool leader Anarul Sheikh and Birbhum Trinamool president Anubrat Mandal, all were the points of his complain. Anubrata has dismissed Sheikh Lal’s allegation and also claimed that he does not even know Sheikh Lal.

Nazma died at Rampurhat Hospital on Monday. 65 percent of her body was burned in the incident. After the death of his wife, her husband Sheikh Lal targeted Anubrata. Responding to that, Anubrata replied, “Who is Sheikh Lal? I don’t even know him. He is saying word that are taught to him.” However, he expressed grief over Nazma’s death. A total of nine people were killed in the Bogtui incident.

On Monday, after his wife’s death at the hospital, Sheikh Lal complained, “Bhadu’s people had ignited the fire that day.” He also alleged, “Bhadu was the Deputy Chief of Barashal Panchayat but he is also a criminal. He was involved in the black market. He had coal and sand business. He has 40-70 people. They are gone now. Anarul, IC, SDPO, all used to get share from Bhadu’s black market business. Anubrat also used to get some share from the business.” Anubrat gave a clear answer to this allegation of Sheikh Lal.


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