‘I never support violence, even if it is my favourite hero’, says Sreelekha


Never support violence. Direct message from Sreelekha Mitra. The Tollywood actress has come out against her favourite hero Will Smith for slapping comedian-host Chris Rock at the Oscars. The whole world is divided into two over such an unprecedented event at the Oscars. Some Tollywood stars are supporting Smith, some are supporting Chris.

Sreelekha said, “It is inappropriate to raise one’s hand against someone to oppose something. I will never support violence. Chris was just kidding. He did not want to make a personal attack. Why did Smith have to slap to oppose it? “

Sreelekha claims that Will did well for protesting for mockery of his wife Jada Pinkett. But its ok if he did not slapped Chris. It could have been protested in other ways. In the words of the heroine, “Smith can’t get up on the Oscar stage during the ceremony and slap in front of everyone. After that the use of slangs, I found it difficult to swear. “

Actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris on the Oscar stage on Monday morning. Chris joked about the alopecia-affected Will’s wife Jada’s short hair. “I’m looking forward to the sequel to GI Zen, where Pinkett will play the lead.” In the 1997 film ‘GI Zen’, there was a lot of criticism about the actress having less hair on her head. Chris’s joke is based on that. Which, of course, made the video an overnight viral over the internet.


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