Joy Goswami’s new poetry book after 15 years, his poetry depicts the pain of the Bogtui incident


Bogtui’s incident saddens the poet. He asked himself, ‘Is there anything left of poetry after this incident?’ Just like what he did almost a decade and a half ago. After the Nandigram incident, he raised the question “Sasoker Proti” (towards the ruler). This time after the Bugtui incident in Rampurhat, Joy Goswami wrote a book of poems “Dagdha” (burnt).

There are eight poems in this new book of poetry. There is no direct word against the ruler. But in every poem there is the pain of burning. One ‘burnt’ corpse seems to be asking the question, in whose hands is his life and death? At the end of the book, it is stated, “This poem is a helpless mourning for the child, the mother who did not know in her lifetime that her right to life and death was on the hand of a group of men.” It was further said, ‘A group of innocent people were burnt to ashes in the fire of revenge in Bogtui village of Rampurhat. Before going to sleep, none of them even thought this sleep will not be disturbed anymore. These poems are the children of that sleepless night, the night their terrified neighbours were leaving the village with the bitter smell of burning people.’

Not only Joy’s book of poetry alone, but also several other collections of poetry have been published in protest of Bogtui-incident. It contains ‘Odbhut Andhar Ek (one of the strange darkness)’. The collection is arranged with poems and cartoons. There are some previously published but relevant poems of different poets of different times. Jibanananda is also on that list. There are cartoons of Mali. The burning of Bogtui is inside everything.


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