Airlines are increasing capacity which is causing more frequent turbulence, says aviation experts!


The demand for air travel has picked up since the civil aviation ministry last week allowed airlines to operate up to 100% of their pre-Covid capacity domestically, according to airlines and industry experts. Airlines expect the air traffic to be back to pre-Covid levels by the end of this year as the fare cap has been being removed and travellers are starting to fly more.

But the aviation companies are continuously increasing the seat numbers of the aeroplane that were allotted in the pre-covid period. Experts suspect that these may cause more air turbulence. “We expect domestic air travel to reach pre-pandemic level by December 2021,” said a spokesperson for IndiGo, India’s largest airline by market share.

According to reports, the cumulative domestic passenger volumes since the resumption of domestic flight services in a graded manner since last October. This tendency has began from that time. PLF or seat factor is a measure of how much of an airline’s passenger carrying capacity is used or average percentage of seats filled in an aircraft. And this rate is going all time high these days.


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