BJP-TMC MPs to perform together in Rajya Sabha annual program


Just last week, the debate was between Rajya Sabha BJP MP Rupa Gangopadhyay and Trinamool Congress’ Dola Sen. After the Rampurhat incident, Rupa demanded for Section 356 on West Bengal. On the counter Dola questioned why Rupa was allowed to speak. Yesterday, three BJP MPs, including Rupa, also issued special privilege notice against Dola. But on the same day, Rupa-Dola also rehearsed songs for about three hours in the annexe of the parliament!

Such a fancy incident has taken place due to the cultural program to be held for the outgoing Rajya Sabha MPs. The MPs will take part in a cultural function in the honour of the departed on next Thursday evening at the residence of Rajya Sabha Chairman Benkaiah Naidu. Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendushekhar Roy will officiate. Dola and Rupa will sing there.

According to sources, Sukhendushekhar joked during rehearsal on Monday and told them low vocals due to shouting in Parliament should not ruin the ceremony! In response, Rupa said with a laugh, nothing will happen, they will sing together! Singing programs, of course, are all solo. Dola will sing Rabindranath’s ‘Bidhir bandhon katbe tumi…’.

Rupa has not yet decided what to sing. DMK’s Tiruchi Shiva will sing Tamil songs. Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Shantanu Sen will play the guitar. Besides politics and the medical profession, Shantanu Babu is also a skilled guitarist. NCP MP Bandana Chahban will sing, ‘Ruk jana nehi tu kahi harke ..’ In the last, everyone will sing together, ‘Kavi albida na kahna’.

The framed print of Bharat Mata painted by Abanindranath Tagore will be handed over to the outgoing MPs. This picture was drawn by Abanindranath in the context of the Swadeshi movement in 1905. They will also be given one Ashoka Stambha made out of bronze. The Prime Minister is expected to be present through the entire ceremony.


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