How Anubrat has not been arrested yet is a wonder! says Sukanta


On Wednesday Mamata Banerjee alleged that conspiracy has been made so that Anubrat Mandal gets arrested. BJP state president Sukanta Majumder was “surprised” to hear the chief minister’s allegations. Rather he asked that how Anubrata was not arrested long before!

After the Bogtui scandal, BJP all-India president JP Nadda formed a five-member delegation. The members of that group recently visited Bogtui. On Wednesday BJP’s “truth verification” committee handed over its report on the incident to Nadda.

On the same day Mamata lashed out at the BJP and the central government, calling the report “conspiratorial”. She alleged that the name of the Birbhum Trinamool president (Anubrata) was present in the report. Mamata also commented that a plan was being created to arrest Anubrata through this.

Reacting to Mamata’s allegations, Sukanta said, “It is strange how Anubrata has not been arrested long ago! He must be arrested. The CBI is calling for cattle smuggling. And he is running away.” He added,” Such a person in politics is dangerous for the society. Why shouldn’t he be arrested for talking nonsense and threatening others! “


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