Stars stopped drinking after Will Smith’s slab, but why?


Comedian Chris Rock hosted the Oscars. He was continuously joking through the event. Everyone was laughing on his jokes. In between, the comedian was announcing the names of the Oscar winners. At on one side there was prize distribution, gossip, on the other side there was refreshments with drinks and food. In between this actor Will Smith got up on the stage and slapped Chris.

One of the people who was providing drinks and food at the Oscars, Daniel Rawlstone, tweeted about the aftermath of the slap. That tweet has now gone viral. Instead of identifying himself on his Twitter profile, he wrote, “Bartender (who provides drinks at a bar or event) and author.” “Everyone stopped drinking after the slap,” he wrote.

However, after his tweet went viral, Daniel removed the specific tweet. But the picture of the tweet has spread around.

What exactly happened at the Oscars 2022?
Smith couldn’t keep his head calm when he heard jokes about his wife. Will’s wife Jada Pinket is an Alopecia patient. Chris joked on her short hair, “I’m looking forward to the sequel to GI Zen. Jada will act in it.” In the 1997 film ‘GI Zen’, there was a lot of criticism about the actress having less hair on her head. Chris used that context in the joke. But hearing it, Smith lost his temper and climbed on top of Chris.


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