Agnimitra’s speech is highly provocating! TMC complains to the commission


This time, the Trinamool has accused BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal of Asansol Lok Sabha by-election for giving provocative speeches. They have approached the National Election Commission on Thursday. The ruling party of Bengal has lodged a written complaint with a nine-second video of Agnimitra’s speech.

The video was also posted on the Twitter handle of north Asansol MLA and Minister of State for Public Works Malay Ghatak. In the video, BJP candidate Agnimitra is heard saying, “There will be revenge for the beating.” Trinamool objected for that part of the nine-second video. Party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh asked the Election Commission to take appropriate action in this regard.

On Wednesday afternoon, Malay Ghatak said, “On Wednesday night, a video BJP of candidate’s speech came on my WhatsApp. There she is heard saying, ‘There will be revenge for the beating.’ It is enough to provoke and spread tension. She is threatening. Listening to her, it seems that there even can be an attack with firearms.” The minister further added, “If Narendranath Chakraborty is banned from campaigning for seven days for his remarks, I hope the same will be done for the BJP candidate’s statement.”

Regarding the allegations against her, Agnimitra said, “You have to listen to the previous part of the video from which it was cut or edited. Then you can understand it. I’m telling you, revenge will be taken for the wrong things. The TMC will terrorize, kill our officials, kill our people, what should we do? ” She further said, “Twelve people were killed in Rampurhat of Birbhum during this TMC era. Trinamool has been carrying out terrorism since May 2. Pandaveshwar MLA says hardline BJP members will not be allowed to vote. What are these? Mamata Banerjee says there will be free and fair voting. Then make it happen. Then I will thankful to her.”


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