Bad things have happened, but I am not the spokesperson of the party, says Dev


Trinamool MP and actor Deb avoided commenting on Bogtui’s murder case. “I have nothing to say about the Rampurhat incident. I am not the spokesperson of the party. What has happened is really bad, as I said before. It shouldn’t happen. Because the name of the state will be dirty.” he said on Thursday.

After a series of programs in Ghatal on Thursday Dev told the reporters, “This is a really bad incident for any state. I will pray to god, I will tell everyone that the intoxication of power should not become such that people cannot recognize people.” Regarding the recovery of arms from different parts of the state following the directive of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Dev said, “I think as many weapons as you have all should be recovered. And so that people do not have to die. The police administration should be tougher. It is up to the government to prevent such incidents. “

Referring to the CBI probe into the Bogtui case Dev said, “I don’t understand much politics. So I should not get into it. I am not the spokesperson of the party, nor am I the spokesperson of the CBI. I think they should do whatever they are doing.” Dev gave a message of ‘humanity and friendship ’to the students at a function at Ghatal College on Thursday. He said, “This is the right time. But if politics starts now, they (the students) will stay in it.”


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