“Country can’t go like this”, Kejriwal Slams BJP for attacking his residence with goons led by Tejaswi Surya!


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal today gave his first reactions a day after the ruling Aam Aadmi Party in the national capital alleged threat to his life and said that his house was attacked by the BJP-backed protesters amid demonstrations over his remarks against the movie- ‘The Kashmir Files’.

He said, “If the biggest party of the country, which is in power at the centre, resorts to such hooliganism, it will spread a bad message among people. People will think that this is the right way (to deal with anything). The country can’t progress like this.” On Wednesday, deputy chief minister Manish Sissodia that MP Tejaswi Surya and his goons plotted to kill Kejriwal as massive protests broke out in front of the chief minister’s house.

Delhi’s Education Minister and Deputy CM Sissodia said, “As it could not defeat Arvind Kejriwal in the Punjab polls, the BJP now wants to kill him. Today’s attack on the chief minister’s house shows that the BJP, with the help of police, wants to kill Kejriwal. We will lodge a formal complaint against this.” The Delhi police in a statement had said around 70 people were detained. Though there is no action taken against MP Surya till now.


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