GTA vote first, claims Anit Thapa, Ajay Edward blowing Gurung’s threat


Anita Thapa, president of the Gorkha Prajatantrik Morcha (GPM), called for a speedy vote, effectively blowing up Bimal Gurung’s death hunger strike warning. According to him, when the GTA system is in the mountains, it is important to get the election done. Ajay Edwards’s Hamro party, which recently won a massive victory in the hill polls, also demanded for the GTA’s vote.

Last Monday, in a meeting with political parties in the hills at Richmond Hill, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called for the GTA vote. But for the first time in that meeting, Roshan Giri, who joined the meeting as a representative of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, sounded out of rhythm. Gurung himself then demanded a permanent political solution in the mountains before the GTA vote.

Gurung said that he would go on hunger strike if needed. But Anit dismissed Gurung’s demand and called for a speedy GTA vote. Besides, he slammed Gurung-Roshan as the main founder of GTA. In the words of Anit, “GTA was brought by Bimal Gurung and Roshan Girirai. Then why it is a problem now! “

A conference has been called in Kalimpong on 2nd April to make the outline of a way to oppose the GTA vote and demand a lasting political solution in the mountains. A section of the hill people have claimed that the conference was called by the Morcha. On Thursday, Gurung claimed that all political parties, including the BJP, were being invited. However, neither Anit Thapa nor the Hamro Party, which spoke in favor of the vote, said it had not received any invitation to attend the conference.

But why is it different for Gurung to fight as he was a TMC ally in the last election? Anit claims that Gurung is gradually losing public support in the hills. The result of the recent vote is proving that. So through all this Bimal is trying to be relevant in the mountains.


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