State is equally responsible for petrol and diesel price increase, claims BJP


On Thursday petrol price in Kolkata rose by 83 paise per litter taking the price to 111 rupees 35 paisa. The price of diesel has gone up by 80 paise per litre in the same day. As a result, diesel is being sold at 96 rupees 22 paisa per litre in Kolkata. With the continuously increasing rate, the price of diesel in Kolkata is almost going to hit a century.

In this situation, the BJP is facing pressure from the ruling TMC government. To counter this, the BJP wants to start a proetst to demand why the state is not reducing VAT on the two fuels. BJP state president Sukanta Majumder told reporters in New Delhi on Thursday that the party would come on the roads regarding the matter in April.

The central government took a big step in November 2021. The BJP government finally waived the production duty on the two main fuels (petrol and diesel) as it could not fight the political crisis by shielding the cause of rising prices in the international market. Since then, various BJP-ruled states have also followed the trend. The state government has also reduced the share tax rate. And since then, the BJP has been asking why the West Bengal government is not reducing state taxes.

While the BJP has made such a claim, it is also true that the amount of taxes in the state is much lower. So even if the state reduces VAT, it will not have much effect on fuel prices. According to the state finance ministry, the official price of petrol and diesel now adds up to Rs 80 when transport costs and central tariffs are added. On top of this, the state’s income from VAT is Rs 19-20 per litre and Rs 13-14 per litre respectively.


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