WB people are being deprived of their DA rights, claimed by LoP by showing numbers!


Dearness allowances for central government employees rose 3% on Wednesday. State government employees are lagging behind in terms of DA for years now. This time the opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari attacked the state government with the numbers calculation. At the same time, Shuvendu also presented the accounts of various BJP-ruled states.

He tweeted, “State government employees are being deprived of their DA rights.” There has been a lot of controversy in the state over the right to dearness allowances for state government employees. Before the last assembly elections, the Saffrons had announced that if it came to power, the seventh pay commission would be effective in the state and DA would be given to government employees at the central rate.

But the BJP’s dream of coming to power has not come true. Is the BJP now desperate to get the support of government employees on that issue again ? Such was hinted in Shuvendu’s tweet allegation. Shuvendu claimed that the decision to increase the central DA would benefit 48.7 lakh employees and 7.62 lakh pensioners. After that, he wrote, state employees will now get 31% less DA than the center.


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