BJP MLAs including LoP Shuvendu Adhikari will not get the daily allowance during the suspension period!


The seven BJP MLAs suspended in the Assembly will not receive daily allowances for the time being. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari is also on the list. On Thursday, the secretariat of the assembly informed the legislators in a letter.

At the same time, it has been informed that as long as they are suspended, they will not be able to attend any meeting of the Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly. As the Leader of the Opposition, Shuvendu will not be allowed to go to the chamber where he sits in the assembly. There will be no right to go to the lobby of the assembly. After receiving this letter, angry Shuvendu tweeted, “There is a state of emergency in West Bengal.”

The LoP stated further, “For the first time, the Chief Minister is afraid of facing opposition. And so the opposition is trying to shut up.” Earlier it was said that the suspended MLAs would not be called for the meeting of the standing committee. This time, it was learned that the assembly secretariat is going to stop the daily allowance of the suspended MLAs. In general, a MLA gets a monthly salary of 22,000 rupees. Along with that they get 2000 Rs. per day as daily allowance.


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