Surya Kasibhatla, a child with cerebral palsy with his acting in ‘Jalsa’, his other talents will leave you awestruck!


Amazon Original ‘Jalsa’ has been gaining great reviews from the audience since its release. Boasting of a stellar star cast, the film is winning all hearts with its amazing story and some stellar performances. ‘Jalsa’ features a role of a child with cerebral palsy played by an actor with the same disability, in what the film’s director and cast call a rare sign of inclusivity in one of the world’s largest film industry.

Surya Kasibhatla, a 14-year-old boy of Indian origin from Texas, with Cerebral palsy, played the role of Ayush, who is the son of Maya and has established his character like no one else. His performance has not just touched the heart of audiences, but has also been an inspiration for many.

When Surya came to Mumbai, the team started off with film-based workshops conducted by Pooja Swaroop and the director, who even rewrote Ayush’s character as per Surya’s personality. Replete with speechless performances and a nerve-wracking storyline, ‘Jalsa’ promises to keep you at the edge, leaving you wanting for more.


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