To increase surveillance, CCTV cameras will be installed in small stations


Like big stations the state railway police wants to tighten the security at small railway stations also. So, just like the large-scale stations, this time t the small stations under the Sealdah Railway Police Division will be brought under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. This includes stations like Sonarpur, Baruipur, Banga, Barrackpore, Ranaghat, Krishnanagar.

Railway police sources said that the work will start soon. The tender process has already started. Although the railways had their own CCTV at the big stations, the smaller stations did not have any CCTV so far.

According to railway police sources, 132 cameras will be installed in 14 police stations of Sealdah Railway Police Division. Arrangements are also being made to preserve the footage of that camera for a long time.

Due to lack of surveillance at small stations, after crossing the border militants are using those stations to go to different places. A few days ago, the militants caught in Madhya Pradesh and Assam crossed the border and then went through West Bengal. Apart from this, robberies in the guise of passengers, snatching from the train, looting of passengers’ belongings by making them consume drugs also often happen. The railway police had to rely on a few CCTV cameras to investigate the case. If a crime is committed at a small station, the investigators have to rely on the ‘source’.

According to a railway police officier, no surveillance was being carried out at the small station through CCTV. Since there is no CCTV footage after the incident, it often takes time to identify the culprit. CCTV surveillance will facilitate investigations and crime prevention.


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