Abhishek Banerjee can campaign in Baliganj and Asansol by-elections


If all goes well, Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Bandyopadhyay can campaign in Baliganj and Asansol by-elections. According to Trinamool sources, he may start campaigning as Trinamool candidate Babul Supriyar in Baliganj Assembly by-election on April 7. According to South Kolkata Trinamool sources, he will join a procession from Baliganj outpost area to Mallick Bazar in the afternoon on that day. The Congress and the Left Front have been campaigning in that part of Baliganj area for the last few days with the slogan ‘No Vote to Babul’. It is believed that Abhishek can take the strategy of this procession only in response to that propaganda. Trinamool candidate Babul and South Kolkata district Trinamool leadership can take part in the campaign with Abhishek.

Abhishek can also be seen in the campaign on April 9 in Asansol as Shatrughna Sinha. He can take part in a rally there. Public Works Minister Malay Ghatak has been given the responsibility of the inauguration program in Asansol. The BJP won the Asansol constituency in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections by big margins. This time the ruling party Trinamool has the opportunity to snatch that seat in the by-election. Therefore, it has been decided to bring the All India General Secretary of the party in the campaign for this by-election.

In the words of a Trinamool leader from Asansol, “Abhishek Bandhyopadhyay will come to the campaign and take part in a 3-kilometer rally.Though the date has been selected for his campaign but no place have been decided for the rally. The commission allowed the political parties to play speakers after the end of the Higher Secondary examination period. So Abhishek will come to Asansol and take Trinamool’s campaign with a storm in the last moments.”


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