Fan misaken Shah Rukh for Akshay, what did Bollywood’s ‘King’ do in response?


A fan was chasing after a star. When the opportunity finally came to speak face to face, it was known that the fan is thinking he is another star! That he is nobody, but the ‘king’ of Bollywood himself!

Shah Rukh Khan was telling old stories at a function. There the audience got the opportunity to know such a fun experience. At the airport, a fan mistakenly thought he was Akshay. King Khan himself admitted this incident!

Shah Rukh said, “It was time for the flight. I was almost running. Meanwhile, a woman was chasing after me for autographs and photographs. I was saying, I’m getting late. Yet who listens to whom! Anger was growing. However, after doing checking in, I called her. The cheerful woman took picture with me and said, ‘I am a big fan of yours. Akshay I love you so much!’ I was totally shocked!”

But what did the ‘king’ of Bollywood do after that? Did he get very angry on that woman? Did he scold er for making a mistake? Nah, none of that happened. Shah Rukh himself has revealed what he did. He said while laughing, “But I signed the autograph book. But not as Shah Rukh, in the name of Akshay Kumar! I did not want to break the heart of the woman at all! That is why I wrote Akshay Kumar. ”


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