Anubrata is using government guest house to hold party meetings, alleged Agnimitra


Asansol BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal has accused Anubrata Mandal of violating election rules. She alleged that Anubrata was using the government guest house at Eastern Coalfield in Pandaveshwar to conduct party meetings before the election. Agnimitra also claims that Anubrata has violated the electoral rules by doing so.

In a tweet, she said, “I would like to draw the attention of the National Election Commission to the fact that Trinamool leader Anubrata Mandal is using the government guest house at Eastern Coalfield in Pandavaswar to conduct party meetings. Is this the approved standard election rule??”

The by-elections in Asansol and Baliganj are already in full political heat. The two old leaders Shatrughan Sinha and Mithun Chakraborty recently had some word clash.

Mithun was scheduled to campaign in the Asansol Lok Sabha by-election. But due to physical illness, ‘Mahaguru’ is away from campaigning. However, he sought votes for BJP candidate Agnimitra through a video message. His message was, “If you love me, keep my word. Make Agnimitra win.” On Sunday, Asansol’s Trinamool candidate Shatrughna made a sarcastic joke about Mithun, “Sweet! Is he still in politics? I wish him well.”


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