Aftermath of Oscars : Chris Rocks’ shows going jampacked, while Smith’s projects are getting postooned


Will Smith announced his decision to resign from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences on Friday. The organization has accepted the resignation. The Oscar-winning actor is being criticized in various ways. But this time not only his social identity but also his professional identity is being affected. Is the acting career of ‘King Richard’ actor coming to a halt?

At least that’s what the latest news suggests. Work on two of his films has been suspended after comedian-host Chris Rock was slapped at the Oscars.

Netflix was producing a movie, Named ‘Fast and Loose’. Before the Oscar slap incident, it was heard that the director David Leach had stepped down from the work. Netflix is looking for another director to direct this movie. But then it became known that the work of ‘Fast and Loose’ is currently stopped. Other than that, Will’s work on ‘Bad Boys 4’ was supposed to start soon. Its work has also stopped.

On the other hand, after the Oscar incident, crowd overflowed at Chris’s comedy show. Ticket prices have risen sharply. After appearing on the stage for the first time after the Oscars, applause and cheers continued, in addition, the audience stood up and showed their respect to him. Apparently, the audience was mesmerized by the cool-minded performance he has done after he was slapped by will smith on the Oscar stage.


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