Coal and cattles are smuggled from UP, MP and Assam! Mamata slams Central Government


Coal and cattles are being smuggled from other states and it is being reached Bangladesh through West Bengal, but not from West Bengal. This is what complained Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. At a press conference on Monday, the Chief Minister said that coal and cattle were being smuggled from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Assam to Bangladesh and the Central Government had failed to stop it.

Mamata alleged that the CISF and BSF in the hands of the Center but they failed to stop the smuggling. CM Banerjee went on to say, “The source of coal and cattle smuggling is in other states. Cows are coming from Madhya Pradesh. Coal carts come from Uttar Pradesh. They go through our state. We do not have CISF and BSF in the hands, but the center does. The coal mines are guarded by the CISF. BSF is there to stop cattle smuggling across the border. What does the state have to do?”.

The ED (Enforcement Directorate) recently summoned TMC’s All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee to Delhi for interrogation about the coal and cattle smuggling case. After an interrogation for about six and a half hours, Abhishek came out and said that it was the responsibility of the Center to stop the smuggling of coal and cattle. The CISF and the BSF operate under the auspices of the Union Home Minister. He also slammed Union Home Minister Amit Shah, calling the scandal a “home minister scam”.


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