“Did CPIM force you to make this video message ?”, Babul Supriyo taunts Nasiruddin Shah


Bollywood star Nasiruddin Shah gave a video message in support of CPM candidate and niece Saira Shah Halim in Baliganj by-election. This time, Babul Supriya, the Trinamool candidate of Baliganj centre, tweeted regarding that video message mocking the CPM. Babul praises Nasir on Twitter but asks, why do you feel so sad in the video? Did CPM forcibly make you record the video?

Vote is on April 12. Along with the clash on the ground, this time the battle of Baliganj by-election has also become heated in the social media platforms. Nasir gave a video message about his niece, CPM’s Baliganj candidate Saira. He said, “It is very clear to the residents of Baliganj assembly constituency who they will choose. Someone who will work for the people, or someone who seeks an opportunity to change color, someone who spreads hatred in the society.”

In his tweet, Babul wrote, “We all love and respect Nasiruddin Shah. The legend is in the role of loving uncle this time. I have seen many films starring him. He has also got Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan. But sadly in the video he felt very depressed. It looks like the CPM forced him to record it, even though it was very sweet.’

Babul tweeted twice about this. In the first tweet, he retweeted Saira’s tweet where Nasir’s video message was shared. For the second time, Babul has shared his statement with a page containing posters of some of the films starring Nasir.


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