Four officials have to be taken to the CBI office, the High Court directed the police in the SSC case


On Monday Judge Abhijit Gangapadhyay’s single bench directed the four members of the advisory committee to the CBI in the school teacher and staff corruption case. The four members have approached the Chief Judge against this directive. Chief Judge Prakash Srivastava asked them to come by 1 pm. Later, the division bench of the chief judge said, We are looking into the matter. After discussion we will let you know.

Taking a tougher stance in the school teacher and staff corruption case the High Court has directed that two members of the committee, Sukanta Acharya and Prabir Kumar Bandyopadhyay, be taken away by 2 pm. The Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate has to ensure that they are taken to the Central Investigation Agency. At the same time, the other two members Alok Kumar Sarkar and Tapas Panja will have to appear at the CBI office by 3 pm. The Deputy Commissioner (Central) of Calcutta Police has been assigned to take them there.

The state had made an advisory committee on the appointment of the School Service Commission. The convener of that committee was Shanti Prasad Sinha. The other four members were Sukanta, Prabir, Alok and Tapas. Last week, Shanti Prasad confronted the CBI at 11 pm on the orders of the High Court. Last Friday, the four members were also asked to go to the office of the Central Investigation Agency. But they were not present there.

They argued that a case had been filed in the division bench challenging the order. That is why they are not able to appear now. On Monday, Judge Gangopadhyay raised the question regarding this. He said that the four members should have faced the CBI as the division bench had not yet given any directions. So they have been asked to go to the CBI office on Monday.


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