From Bogtui to group D corruption, the government is in the backfoot after several CBI orders from the court


On 2 May 2021, Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister of Bengal for the third time. Since then, the CBI has been given the task of investigating several cases instead of the state police under Mamata. In the last seven and a half months, the CBI has received seven cases from the state police. The latest addition is the assassination of Jhalda’s Congress councilor Tapan Kundu.

From Bogtui to Group D corruption, the High Court has directed the CBI to investigate multiple cases in the last seven and a half months. In some cases, the CBI investigation order has been rejected, but in 5 cases, the CBI investigation is still underway.

The CBI has been directed to investigate the incidents of murder and rape in the post poll violence on August 19, 2021 violence. The Calcutta High Court gave this order. Currently central agencies are investigating various incidents of post-poll violence in the state.

On November 22, 2021, the CBI was directed to investigate the corruption case in the appointment of Group D of the School Service Commission, but later the Division Bench stayed the order. However, the court formed a committee to investigate into the case.

On February 15, 2022, the Divisional Bench of the High Court directed the CBI to investigate the corruption case in the Group D appointment of the School Service Commission. In this case, the single bench of the high court had ordered to stop the salaries of 350 staffs who were wrongly employed.

On February 22, 2022, the High Court directed the CBI to investigate the corruption case at Haldia port. The state government had approached the Supreme Court against the order. However, the court dismissed the state’s plea and upheld the CBI’s probe order.

The Calcutta High Court also directed the central agency to investigate the corruption case regarding the appointment of ninth-tenth class teachers in 2016.

The Calcutta High Court has ordered a CBI probe into case of the burning of nine people at Rampurhat. The court directed the state-constituted special investigation team to close the probe and hand over all the documents and detainees to the CBI. According to the order of the high court, the central agency was called to investigate the incident on March 25.

On April 4, the High Court directed a CBI probe into the murder case of Congress councillor Tapan Kundu in Jhalda, Purulia. The family of the deceased Congress leader alleged that the IC of Jhalda police station Sanjeev Ghosh was involved in the murder. However, Purulia police said on Sunday that Sanjeev was innocent. The case was handed over to the CBI on Monday.


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